You may not consider a selfie great photography, but in a world of social media, knowing how to take a selfie is what allows you to connect to your friends and family. In my one-day workshop, you will learn how to stage a selfie, how to pose, and how to angle yourself in a way that will take your photos from nay to yay.

You may feel that selfies, and my goodness, a whole workshop on GREAT selfies, just smacks of being self-absorbed. I disagree. Learning how to take a great photo of yourself will make you an even better photographer of others, and unlike most of your subjects, this one (you) won’t run away or look confused by your vague directions. When your friends and family aren’t near, your selfies allow them to see who you are. I mean, yes, that photo of you from 2012 really was the best photo anyone ever shot, but do you still really look like that? Having an updated photo doesn’t erase your old photos. It just adds to your online photo album.

I have a personal mandate of never (never) using filters to fix and smooth photos. I will occasionally use filters to change the sense of the setting, but I firmly believe in enhancing, not hiding, your natural beauty through lighting and composition. Samples of my selfies (yes, even the group photo is a selfie) are below. There’s even more on Instagram @CharMillington.


Sometimes I use additional studio lights and sometimes I’ll get a friend to use their phone flashlight for extra lighting. Hands down, however, is natural lighting. If you have a window nearby, use it! Absolutely nothing can replace the light that comes through a window.


Once you know who you are going to shoot, you need to set it up. If your subjects (which include you since it’s a selfie, right?) are going to fill the whole frame, the background can be nearly anything. For everything else, you’ll need to know what’s behind you.


If you’re not using your timer, you’re missing out. You can set your phone on a tripod or on a stack of books before you set the timer. Once you have the photo composed exactly as you want it, start shooting! MORE is better when it comes to photos!

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