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My Mobile Hotel Kitchen Tools

YES. I actually travel with my Instant Pot to hotels. If you’ve ever travelled with me, you know it’s quirky and TRUE. I really like to maintain a healthy diet when I travel and being able to cook quickly on a break helps me meet that need.
These are my secret weapon for cooking in the Instant Pot. The smallest ones are perfect for carrying a single serving of brown rice. The next size up is exactly the right amount of steel cut oats, leaving you room for your banana and yoghurt. Prepared soup fits in the one with the turquoise lid. The largest is the perfect salad bowl. And best of all – everything works for the pot-in-pot approach to cooking so you don’t need to scrape oats off the bottom of your IP.
I literally love these! They are bags and they are the coolest thing in the world for snacks. I love, love, love how cool these are.
If you read my blog post about Instant Soup in a jar (also called eating healthy in a hotel room) then you know I cannot live without these. I must have my healthy instant soup. AND as a pro tip: you can also use them for taking your salad into the conference room because they are tall enough to hold your fork when you’ve emptied the salad.
These all work double duty in the hotel. You can use the little cups to make eggs, then wash them and make muffins. YES, all in your Instant Pot. The steamer also works as strainer so you can wash your fruit and veggies. Yes, you can buy everything separately, but why would you when this approach means you have a pan that can make cheesecake or lasagna in a hotel room.
Unless you already have a bag that fits your IP, all the gear, and all your accessories, you are going to need something to haul it from your car to the hotel room.
Did I say “car”? My goodness. You don’t think I fly with this, do you?
These are the barest essentials I need for any conference over three days.