Who is Charlotte Millington

Charlotte Millington is running for the position of HEU Vice President in 2021.

Vice-President Candidate

I am asking you to vote for me in November 2021 as a Vice President for the Hospital Employees’ Union.

Who Am I?

For the last three years I have proudly served as the Regional Vice President for South Vancouver Island. This has been an exciting role that I have particularly enjoyed.

I am also a mom to a unionized BCTF teacher and a wife to a brand new HEU member. As a union family, we have an enormous understanding of what happens when the Canadian labour movement works to protect the middle class. We feel changes first hand in our household.

My HEU job is in the Royal Jubilee Hospital where I am a Technical Analyst in the IMIT. (Yes. I’m a computer geek!) If you work for Island Health and use any mobile technology, like a cell phone or a Vocera badge, chances are it was me or one of my three coworkers who got it ready for you. ☺️

After work is when my union activism starts. I am active on my local Labour Council; I am the HEU Representative for the Victoria Labour Council; I sit on United Way of South Vancouver Island as the HEU Representative; I am an active member of the Workplace Culture Council as well as the ad hoc committees that result from that work; I was the Co-Chair for the HEU Occupational Health and Safety Provincial Subcommittee; I was a member of the HEU Global Justice Provincial Subcommittee; the HEU Representative on the BC Federation of Labour Constitution & Structure Committee; the HEU Representative to the CUPE National Health and Safety Committee; and I am a regular volunteer in every political and workplace campaign that needs an extra set of hands.

Why Am I running for Vice-President?

When I ran as the Regional Vice President in 2018, I ran with two promises: 1. To be accessible to members. 2. To build a community where members could access each other. I fulfilled each of these promises beyond even my own dreams.

When I created the South Island HEU Facebook group, I had no idea that we would become the largest HEU community in the province as quickly as we did. It happened so fast, I needed urgent help from a few members who volunteered to become moderators. Thanks to the tireless work of these moderators, my goals of being accessible and creating a community exploded into life.

But in watching the rapid growth of our community, I’ve come to realize that there remains an enormous need for members to connect to each other. In fact, it’s highlighted how important connection is. Without a strong grassroots movement, our members feel disconnected. The result is that people don’t know what their role is in the union and always assume speaking up and protecting each other is someone else’s job.

My vision is for a strong union where members have access to each other so resources can be shared across locals and between members. This allows each of us to find our voice and to know how to participate in making our union strong.

I began this work in 2018 as the South Island Regional Vice President. I would like to continue this work as your Vice President in 2021.

Hi Impact!