Hello from my closet

Having a vacation means doing what I want - and more of what I wanted to do was to finally deal with the half-complete sound booth in my office closet. I have been sticking (and re-sticking) sound soundproof foam to my office closet for the last year. It's been a haphazard act of interest, mostly…

Why a routine is so important when you work from home

Structure is the foundation of security. Anyone with little kids knows this. Bath. Teeth. Story. Bed. We all know that one and we use it because it works. Yes, you'll hear the finest negotiation skills in the industry appear when there is the chance of just one more story. It doesn't change that this is a really important routine because it guarantees bedtime. As adults, we still need our structure, too. It allows us to feel in control. It gives us the ability to take a massive world issue, like COVID, and still feel like we own enough pieces of our lives to keep it together.