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Pageant panic and the self-doubt of EVERYTHING

So… some real stuff. Today I was doing the extremely dangerous activity of comparing myself to other delegates. Let me just say that if you ever want to make yourself entirely fearful of how obvious your shortcomings are, this is a very fast way to do it. I will never be as __ as the… Continue reading Pageant panic and the self-doubt of EVERYTHING

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How a pageant made my 2020 experience pretty awesome

In August 2020, the global pandemic was hitting us very hard. I work in IMIT inside healthcare. Every communication device that was issued inside the Vancouver Island Health Authority crossed the desks of my very small team of four people. We had been slammed before the pandemic. The pandemic just made our work more intense.

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Men say the darnest things

Not too long ago, I had the most perplexing conversation with a Facebook friend. It began when I uploaded a photo. Nothing special, just a photo. He commented on it favourably and then sent me a private message. He had enjoyed the photo, he said. "I'm glad to hear it," I said. We had a… Continue reading Men say the darnest things