Experimenting with Blue Cheese and Gnocchi

I experiment with food a lot. The more I play with foods and flavours, the more bold I become. Tonight’s dinner was fabulously knocked out of the park. So much so, that for the first time in this history of my blog, I am including the approximate directions.

I say “approximate” because I don’t measure when I cook. I just add things to the pot until the colours look right. The downside is that I can’t replicate a meal pretty much ever. The upside is that pretty much everything I cook is unique. And what was it, you may ask. It was:

Thinly Sliced Grilled Steak with Mediterranean Vegetables and Mini Gnocchi Served with Blue Cheese Cream Sauce

Otherwise known as this:

Ok. I’ll admit that actually just looks like a mess of food dumped in a bowl. That’s because it more or less is. It’s the leftovers. I mean, hey, if you wanted a food blog, you wouldn’t be here. I took a photo once I realized I needed to talk about the meal.

Here’s how it went.

I made a cream sauce using whipping cream poured into a roux of butter and flour. Once it had thickened, I added blue cheese in tiny little blobs until the cream sauce was flavoured with blue cheese but not overpowered by it. This was really the experimental part. I’ve never made a cheese sauce using a cheese as pungent as blue cheese.

Then I cooked mini gnocchi really carefully. If you overcook it, it disintegrates. Watching is the key.

My husband grilled two steaks on the bbq and then left them to rest. While they were resting, I sautéed onions in a ton of butter, then garlic, and lastly added mushrooms. After everything looked like a colour I liked, I added in sliced zucchini and sliced peppers.

Once it had simmered to that sweet point, I stirred the gnocchi into the vegetable mixture, followed by the steak slices. Finally with all the ingredients blended, I poured the blue cheese cream sauce over everything.

I’m not going to claim it was low fat. It wasn’t. It was delicious. And totally worth it.

Happy experimenting!