Curtsy or Bow

Something happened at the pageant that has bothered me enormously. On the night of the talent show, my video played. I stood beside the enormous screen while it played and then as it ended, I made a deep bow and exited the stage.

Yeah. Except I was in a dress. And etiquette dictates that bowing is the exclusive domain of people in trousers. So in front of a large audience, the same day we had reviewed some basic etiquette, I bowed on stage in a dress.

To be fair, no one had covered this. Maybe I am the only person who even noticed this gaff. But I did notice it and I have been bothered by it ever since.

This evening I went on YouTube to find videos on how to curtsy correctly. It may be a small thing to others, but to me, it’s a gaff I don’t intend to make carelessly again.

Kate Middleton knows how to curtsy. She manages to look elegant while she does it.