How do you say “pageant” in French?

My daughter’s father was visiting from Quebec. As we were catching up on what is new, I told him I had been in a pageant.

“Un quoi?” he said. I paused while I searched for the word in French. I came up blank. We stared at each other. My finest 2019 accomplishment was hanging in the air between us. And there it would remain while I wondered how to explain this.

A dozen failed explanations later, I walked across my dining room, paused at the kitchen, smiled broadly with my hand on my hip and my pretty feet posed. I stared at him wondering if I had been successful in my miming. I was not. He still had no idea what I had done.

Eventually I thought to check google, but by then, he was already gone. He will never know that I was in a concours de beauté.

I can’t help but wonder what he thinks my dining room walk was about. I can’t imagine what his conversation with his parents will be when he gets back to Quebec.