Should you enter a pageant

I am home from the Miss BC Pageant. What a ride. Probably I should unpack all of that in a separate post, but here are the highlights:

  1. I didn’t win a title.
  2. I did get a nasty stomach flu.
  3. I still loved the experience.

I thought I would be disappointed to not win a title, and in reality, I am. But I’m not surprised. A few hours into the pageant, I saw women in my category who were flat out better than I was. I learned I have some work to do in areas I didn’t know existed. A disappointment for sure, but a chance for growth is always a win.

Since I’ve returned, I’ve had a lot of questions from friends. The main question was whether or not I would return. That’s a simple answer: yes. If I am still at the same place in my life, which looks likely, then I will absolutely be back on that stage in a year. I loved it and a chance to see if I put in the work is a gift. So yes, I plan to go back. Other people have asked me how I made the decision to enter in the first place. I mean, seriously, it’s a little out of character. To help others, I have created this handy little flow chart.

No where on the chart does it ask if you are pretty enough, smart enough, or talented enough. Nor does it ask if you have enough money. These were fears I heard from other women, but I’m going to come right out and say this: if you want to enter a pageant, then do it. Yes, you will have to work for it. You will need to find a sponsor, maybe two, or three, or more sponsors. You will need to learn to walk in a gown, stand in heels, and be gracious under rapid questioning. It’s worth it though.

I made some friends this year and in a few short days, made some decisions that have inspired me to review some things I thought were important. I learned that age brings wisdom and patience, but the trade off is energy. I learned that if I plan to do this again, I need to remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

I don’t know exactly what a pageant girl is or is not. What I do know is that this experience has been amazing and I would not trade it or the lessons I learned for a quiet weekend home.