Putting the FUN in fundraising

On Friday I got my last pageant sponsor in place. Since this sponsor has asked to be anonymous, I haven’t made a big splash about it like I did when Self Worth Coaching and Counselling sponsored me. I appreciate the right to privacy, so no splash from me. Other than this. Shhhh.

What this means is that I am now freed up to start fundraising for the BC charity, Cops for Cancer. This is a new thing for me.

To be sure, I have done a LOT of fundraising in my life, but it has always been related to political campaigns. If you have ever made calls on behalf of a political candidate, you know you are subject to doors being slammed in your face and people hanging up on you, which is sort of fine given the alternative, which is that they yell at you. That just downright stinks.

My request is that you give your coffee money for one day and donate that to Cops for Cancer.

Cops for Cancer as a fundraiser is actually a lot of fun. For one thing, no one is slamming the door on anyone saying they are raising funds for children’s cancer research. There is still a lot of “no,” but it’s not because they don’t see the benefits. The fun part, for me, is that it’s forcing me to step outside my comfort zone. The fundraiser is optional for Miss BC pageant contestants, though why anyone would consider this optional is beyond me. I mean, seriously, how many pageants am I going to do in my life? If I’m going to do it, it’s going to be wholeheartedly.

I get that everyone is asked all the time for money, so I am asking everyone who reads this for a donation I have called, as of this second, Coffee Cup donations. My request is that you give your coffee money for one day and donate that to Cops for Cancer. It’s just giving up a two dollar Tim Hortons run one time only, but the results for the fundraiser would be huge if fifty people did it.

And in case you don’t have your credit card next to you, the Cops for Cancer website takes PayPal.

I’ve said this before. This pageant is new and huge and scary. But it’s also an opportunity like no other. I get to do fundraising for a really respected charity and I get the crash course in how that happens.

Please donate a toonie to the fundraiser! And please share this post with everyone you know! ❤️