Gym time and Christmas!

This year has been a full year of physical transition. I began my year at 186.8 lbs, which on my 5’4” frame classified me as obese. Obese is a terrifying word. It conjures images of heart disease and laziness for me. I rolled into 2017, looks in the mirror and decided I needed to change and soon before my health developed some permanent issues.

So January 1, 2017, I began the first day of what would become a multi-year movement to take control of my health. It began with small changes. Eat better. Move more. Then it became more refined. Eat a plant-based diet. Move 10,000 steps each day. The weight came off. I became stronger. In November I joined the gym.

Then my world crashed. Work stress overwhelmed me. On Christmas Eve, I thought I would collapse with burden. I couldn’t sleep.

But all stress is ultimately manageable and sitting around waiting to see if I could cope wasn’t a strong plan, so back I went to the gym. December 26 was my first day back. I did ok. Today it’s back to the gym and my face shows the exhaustion I feel. I am working out. I am doing it.

Oh – right. “Way to bury the lead, Charlotte.” I lost thirty pounds this year. I am definitely proud of that.2DE5B29B-9458-4C6A-97D5-E8C205ED3319