There is only one thing *worse* than decorative burlap

You may recall not too long ago, I wrote a scathing article about decorative burlap. Oh yes, I really had some opinions on the whole trendiness of the stuff commonly used to to drag horse poop around the yard.

And then today, I discovered something worse than the trendiness of burlap: it’s discovering that I was an early adopter of decorative burlap.

I feel so filled with shame and self-loathing I almost don’t want to make this post. And yet, I feel not to would be disingenuous.

I need to ask for absolution.

I was cleaning out an old tote bin of craft materials and I found this:

Decorative burlap

My very one role of “jute ribbon,” or “decorative burlap,” since I seriously don’t see a difference.

Seriously. The only thing worse than maligning decorative burlap, and being an early adopter of decorative burlap, is that when I wrote the article, I was about six feel away from my very own role.

I will have to live with my shame now. Forgive me.