My popcorn snack

After work today, I decided I wanted some popcorn. I set up the popcorn maker and then went to go find my popcorn bowl. I found the bowl sitting beside the couch. I couldn’t remember what I had last used it for but it looked clean. Since the couch is right next to the cupboard where the bowl lives, I wondered if I had just put it down and left it there instead of putting it back in the cabinet. I mean, it would be odd for me to do, but not entirely out of character. (I once found my hairbrush in the fridge. When I am distracted, I am fully capable of putting stuff away by putting it down.)

My popcorn popped, I took the bowl into the kitchen, filled it with popcorn, added nutritional yeast and salt and walked with the popcorn back to the living room. I watched about half of a tv show (Southern Charm, don’t judge me) and finished the popcorn when Max, the dog came over to stare at me with big begging eyes.

And that’s when something sort of important hit me.

The last time I had popcorn was about two days ago. I mentally ran through the movie of what had happened. I had left the bowl by the couch and walked away. I hadn’t taken it to the kitchen. I hadn’t washed it. I had left it there.

And yet… the bowl had looked clean.

And I had just eaten popcorn out of it.

And Max clearly likes the taste of nutritional yeast and salt.

And that’s when it hit me. I think I just ate popcorn out of a bowl that had been licked clean by Max.

You know? Max? The dog? The one who licks his bum. And then likely used that same tongue to LICK MY POPCORN BOWL!

I have a lot to learn about dog ownership. And I’ve learned a valuable lesson about not leaving my popcorn bowl next to the couch. Also, I’d like to shave my tongue.