Sew what?

The last week has been difficult. Although it’s been a week of vacation, this last week has been anything but a vacation. A difficult situation arose at work and I found myself at the epicentre of a crisis. Things are temporarily quiet, however, so I have a bit of a break. To celebrate, I have put my camera down and picked up my sewing machine.

I used to sew a lot. It’s fun and creative, but as time and life changed, I sewed less and less until I eventually just started dragging my sewing machine around like a rock during each move. Over the last few days, however, with exhaustion hitting my brain, I’ve been craving something creative and undemanding. Enter: sewing.

Pretty dress patterns

How could I resist sewing these easy dresses?

I found a few patterns on line for dresses in exactly my style, so I went to the fabric store and bought them. I also bought enough fabric to make one dress, the yellow dress at the far right, but in a red gingham.

This is such a deviation from what I normally do. Faced with more free time, I tend to register for more classes, but since I just finished school, I’m enjoying the break. (I even have some unread books.) I’ll post my progress. Not having threaded a sewing machine since about 2002, this is going to be a test of my skills and patience.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Red checked gingham

Perfectly ready to make my first dress in… uh… how many years?