Rainy, wet morning

I cannot claim to love mornings, but I do love catching the morning light. This morning I woke up to a bit of drizzle and a grey, overcast sky, but was lured from the house by the prospect of playing with colour.

Here’s the funny thing about me taking photos in the morning: it completely messes with my sense of propriety. Let me explain. I generally don’t leave the house unless I look like a functioning member of society. To me that means a reasonably nice outfit, hair tidy, lipstick on. Some days, that’s all there is. Other days, that’s just the foundation. I care about how I look. I care about my self image. It’s not purely a place of vanity as it is often assumed. Instead, it comes from a place of respect. When you respect yourself, you place a value on what you choose to present. I will never be seen in Walmart in my fleece pjs. That doesn’t align itself to my interpretation of self-respect.

So back to my morning photos. When I want to catch the city before it wakes up, I need to be able to leave the house quickly. That means being flexible in my self image. Frizzy ponytail (it’s drizzling) under a ball cap. No lipstick. (Well, maybe a bit.) Black yoga pants. Running shoes. A tshirt. You can see it a few posts back. That is what I wear when I leave the house in a hurry. It’s strange and at odds with my typical self image.

It was worth it today. I took a lot of shots, but this garden bicycle caught my attention. Have a great long weekend if you’re in Canada!