Playing with lights

In my recent toolbox for photos is my new ring light. I suppose it would be helpful at some point to give a review of the light and why I chose it and how this one came to be the one I purchased, but today is not that day. Instead, today I am going to post a photo I took – and then ask for help.

Char Ring Light 1st photo

I used my new ring light, purchased for video, and decided to use it to snap a photo. It’s a cool photo for lighting, BUT WHAT’S WITH MY EYES?

So here’s the photo. Yes, I edited it a bit. I got excited with Lightroom and this filter is where I stopped. I’m not claiming to be an excellent photographer – I hope no one is getting that idea – I am learning the boundaries of my camera (vast) and the boundaries of my own skills (limited). Aside from the fact that I’m a little sheepish about putting a photo of me in my pyjamas on the internet (does that make it a boudoir shot?), I’m also a little shy about how limited my understanding of photo editing is. Blimey. It’s been ten years since I loaded Photoshop and went at ‘er. (What the HECK is a histogram and why did I used to care so much?)

All those deep confessions aside, here’s where I need some help: what are the thoughts on how to deal with the very clear and obvious reflection of a ring light in my eyes? It looks kind of creepy to me – like I’m a vampire or something. And yet, when I posted this on Facebook and asked my photographer friends for help, what I got back was, “Great photo. Your eyes really sparkle.”

That’s nice and all, but… um… isn’t anyone else finding the ring light a wee tad distracting? My skin looks great, but the shape and look of my ring light is clear and obvious. Is that really a good thing?

I’m putting this on my blog so people who know more than I do can help me figure out how to turn the lighting from great on my skin and weird on my eyes.

And since the best way to ask for help is probably to include the original photo, here is the unedited photo.

Unedited lighting photo

The same photo before I did anything to it in Lightroom.