Today I got a new camera

It’s been a long time since I owned a new camera. The last time I got one was in the early 2000’s: a beautiful Canon SLR that still used film and required a knowledgeable balance of how to take a good photo, something that wasn’t revealed until you got your film back from the drug store. For a brief period, I had a Canon 10D, passed on to me by an ex boyfriend who had upgraded (and didn’t like dealing with the camera crashing every time he used the telephoto), but appears to have been relieved of me. (That’s probably a story for another time.)

I’ve been eyeing the Canon T6i for a little while. I don’t have a preference for Canons, other than that’s what I already know, so before we wind down the rabbit hole of why this model is better than that model, just know that what I know about cameras of this century will not impress you. What I know about this one is that it comes with a compatible app, which counts big, and I already have a telephoto, which counts bigger.

I played around with it. The settings are pretty straight forward, which is good, and the app is easy to use, also good. I took about forty shots looking to see what I could do and I have come up with two that aren’t bad. It’s safe to say I’m going to play with this more, especially now that I’m looking to add video to my media.

Stay tuned! Day 1 was fun! There’s more to come!