The importance of integrity in a union election

The last week of elections has given me a lot to consider and among the first lessons is one of integrity. On the first night of the convention, my campaign team gathered in my room to discuss what we expected of each other. Without hesitation, we all agreed that no matter what, we needed to maintain our integrity. We went on from there to strategize what that would look like and how we would behave under fire.

The integrity of a union election is important for several reasons. First, union elections are typically held to elect a leader who will represent the interests of the union members. It is important that the leader is elected fairly and democratically, in order to ensure that the union members’ interests are represented accurately.

Secondly, union elections often have a large impact on the workplace. The policies and decisions of the union leader can affect the working conditions, wages, and benefits of the union members. Therefore, it is important that the election is conducted in a way that is transparent and fair, so that the union members can have confidence in their leader.

Finally, union elections can be a contentious and emotional time for members. There can be a lot of disagreement and disagreement about who the best candidate is. It is important that the election is conducted in a way that is respectful and civil so that the union members can continue to work together after the election is over. This lesson is the most valuable of them all and needs to be underlined.

I am so proud of my campaign team. We never backed down from the value we considered the most important. It’s so easy to get dragged into a messy fight – and sometimes tempting – but my team never did that. I have so much gratitude for the work everyone did. No matter what the result, we can all still look in the mirror and hold our heads high.

This is what solidarity looked like last week.