iPhone photo lighting

Recently I wondered how to go about improving the lighting in my iPhone photos a bit more. I’m not looking to try and turn my iPhone into a professional-level camera, but I have noticed that not all selfies are created equal. So off I went to invest in some lighting.

What I found is a not bad, but not great clip on light. It’s a little quirky as lights go and really only provides a minor improvement for lighting, but since my iPhone photography goal is to capture a feeling in an instant, this works well. And for $4.00 on eBay, I can’t really complain! imageAs you can see, it’s just a round, lit disk that clips to your iPhone just over the camera. It has three light settings so you can take photos in the dark, like at a concert where you want the band in the background and your smiling face in the foreground. Like I said, it’s nothing complex, but it does the trick.

I wanted to test it out and compare it to the built-in flash of my iPhone and no flash at all, so I grabbed my (unwilling) daughter and had her sit in front of a brightly lit window.

F63E1D3D-1742-4B26-B8E5-8D5983E6F44DNo flash clearly shows how bright it is behind her. Her face is in darkness. The iPhone flash showed the window blinds, which I liked, but lit up her socks and jacket more than her face. The clip on flash gave her face the light it needed to be seen.

Bottom line: I can’t pretend for four bucks I have found a way to take my iPhone photography to a whole new level, but I can say I am pleased. I am a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter selfie junkie, so it is nice to be able to add some photo lighting that takes me out of unintended shadow!