Me and and Post-Birthday Musings

A whole bunch of years ago I read a few paragraphs in a book that changed everything for me. The author spoke reverently of his father who, until the day he died, never missed an event. He went to the ballgame. Attended the dinner. Took the classes. He made the most out of his life and created a life worth living.

Until that point, I had been told that to get ahead in life, I needed to focus, buckle down, and finish everything I started (like the boring as heck drawing class that I paid good money for). It turned out: this was bad advice. But I had spent decades following it.

We have one commodity in life: time. However you choose to spend it is a choice, but I’m here to give you permission to drop the thing that will net you nothing and swap it for the thing that will give you the richest life possible.

Go to the ball game. Attend the dinner. Take the class. Go for the walk. Wear the bright outfit. Swear. Climb trees in a dress. Read trashy novels. It’s your life. Make the most of it.

-Sincerely, the woman entering into Round 2 of her 100-Year Life

My 51st birthday photo with birthday tiara