I have seen the north

For the last two days, I have been on the road for work. First stop was Nanaimo. Last night was Courtenay. Both days called for snow and I went anyway. I am very brave.

As I left the hotel this morning, there were light flurries. I wasn’t too worried. I drove through white out conditions for a bit yesterday. Off I went for my day of meetings in the new hospital. Pretty quickly though, light flurries turned to near blizzard snow, so I cut my meetings short and made the 3+ hour drive back to Victoria.

All along the way, I kept expecting it to stop snowing. I mean, when does it ever snow on the South Island? It’s still snowing outside and I mean A LOT. Looks like our first real snow of the year just hit.

The only question in my mind: do I walk or do I drive to VLC? I’m a bit overdue for an epic journey through the snow.