How social media is creating access to talent

I’m going to tell you all why I love social media. This is a story in several parts that will follow in the comments. But since this website isn’t monetized, it’s not clickbait. I swear you will really like this story.

This story plays out on TikTok when a user said, “Hey. I need a song idea.” Her initial request is here.

Then a user responded back with, “@nancy_berman: can you write a breakup song using the alphabet😅😅😌” which resulted in this TikTok response.

Here’s the thing. When you post something, you have no idea what’s going to happen next. You might get a lot of nothing. Or other TikTok users might think your song is really amazing and then this happens.

Social media has the power to promote – using nothing more than one person at a time – an artist right out of “I need help coming up with a song idea” to this incredible outcome.

The next time you’re wondering what difference your casual interest in social media can make, remember this story. Never underestimate the power of social connection.