The Social Media Revolution

I often take heat from people who think as an elected person, I should use social media much less than I do. In case you are wondering why I believe in social media as much as I do, it is because of this: social media has the power it has to change the world.

Right now, Reddit and TikTok users are calling for people to join the fight against Kellogg’s in hiring scabs. Recently these same powerful social media users managed to shut down a website to rat out women who had accessed an abortion. Even more recently, we have been called to purchase Chapman’s frozen desserts to support the company’s stance on vaccines.

Social media has levelled the playing field on how we can use our voices. One individual can now inspire a boycott. Another can force a company to rethink its anti-union stance. The power is in our hands to participate as actively, or as passively, as we want.

If you’re curious about what a modern revolution looks like, it looks like this. Pitchforks not required.