Rockstar day of activity

Some days I have a lot on my plate and I don’t know how to balance it all. I began work at 6 this morning with plans to go for a run at lunch. Instead, the day was filled with one challenging file after another and before I knew it, time had flown by. I hadn’t gone for a run and I had two meetings to attend, homework to do and less than three hours to accomplish all of it.

And That was when I became a superhero.

I changed from my dress into workout clothes and running shoes, packed my backpack with gym gear and meeting notes and made the 35-minute walk to my meeting in less than 17 minutes. I was very casual for the meetings, but I was efficient as heck! Then reverse order that so I ran home to my get my homework done.

Today I really felt like I got a lot done. Some days I feel like I can conquer the world. Today was that day. Casual Wednesday for the win!

(Also I got an app that makes me look way better for my before photo.)