Goodbye to the 2018-2021 Provincial Executive

I’m never any good at closure. I am always the one who lingers at a party… the last one out of the classroom. Today was no different except that instead of hugs and handshakes, we waved goodbye over Zoom.

When I was elected in 2018, I had big plans, BIG plans. I knew exactly how I would represent the South Island members. I was able to accomplish many of the things I had intended, like creating a large online community, but many of the things I saw with clarity never happened. The pandemic cut short events like the 1st Annual HEU South Island Picnic.

What made today’s goodbye so hard wasn’t that I will never see these people again. Hopefully we will be re-elected and get back to work. Instead it was realizing how many things I had to wrap neatly into my little box labelled “First Term on the PE.”

My first – and last – in-person Regional Meeting. The pride I felt when I got my very own HEU flag to carry in my car in case a rally broke out. That time I saw my face on a poster labelled “inspirational women.” The death of my friend.

Last night I decided to scan the physical files we used to get before the pandemic in PE meetings. I always meant to do that that but never got around to it. I still haven’t. I forgot how my RVP bestie and I used to write notes on hotel note pads. I could probably piece together an entire timeline of our meals just reading the notes. I sat on my bedroom floor surrounded by red file folders reading our notes. They are still there.

As one door closes, another one opens. I am saddened for the ending. Excited for the future. And as always, curious for what happens next.

The 2018-2021 HEU Provincial Executive