Off to Harrison Hot Springs!

Every year for more than half a decade, I have gone to Winter School. This is a union school that runs week-long courses for u in n activists to hone our skills. As always, my preference is legal week, the week when the school fills with lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and eager disciples, of which I am one.

I woke today at 5am to get ready because this year, my good friend, Bill, and I are carpooling. First stop was the ferry where we bought an overpriced breakfast and tried to wake up.

The ferry docked and off we went down the highway! He is a good driver and we made unbelievably good time. We made such good time that we were able to stop at Starbucks and pause for a moment. That was followed by a quick run through the pharmacy for a few essentials (snacks and stockings) and to respond to a few texts asking me to get a few things done before we left. No dice, friends, we are a few hundred km and a ferry ride from Victoria by now. There is no going back!

1BCCC0A8-8B29-45C1-849A-B74368FB75AAOnward to Harrison. We are so excited, it’s almost indescribable. A whole week of being surrounded by other unionists is a dream. It’s a world where we don’t have to explain our belief system because our values will be fundamentally the same as everyone we are surrounded by.

And then suddenly we arrived! We were early for check in, so it’s feet up in front of the fire. Time to pause, reflect, and blog. It’s going to be a great week!