How I slept through a natural disaster

Today has been a normal workday. Get up at 6. Start work at 6:30. I work from home and I work alone. If it weren’t for my family, days couldn’t pass and I wouldn’t see anyone. It’s kind of strange for an extrovert like me and it took a lot of adjustment time, but it works and if anything, I appreciate not washing mascara off every day.

Much of my outside world contact comes from Facebook and today was no different. At some point in the morning, coffee and a need for a break drove me out of the office and I sat down with my iPad and my coffee and learned I had slept through an 8.0 earthquake and a tsunami warning.

Now, to be clear, my house wasn’t on the epicentre. In fact, the epicentre was in Alaska, quite a distance from Victoria. Still. While the City of Victoria was issuing evacuation alerts and people I care about were actively moving inland in a panic, I was curled up in the flannelette jammies I got from Santa, blissfully unaware that my neighbors were in turmoil.

I’m not really sure what to make of this. Is it better to be washed out to sea half-asleep and clad in a pink teacup and teapot motif and fuzzy socks? Or in times of crisis, should I grab my emergency bag (yes, I have one) and head for higher elevation?

Thankfully, today I don’t need to answer this question. My Facebook feed is an outpouring of panic and fear, and I, for once, actually slept pretty well.