So here’s a fun thing

I was talking this evening with a friend about some of the comings and goings from Christmas. This guy is one of those people I have shared a lot of secrets with. We can chat about anything and he never holds judgement. In return, I give him the same gift. We have shared some very private conversations.

One of the things that came up tonight is that I loved being a photography subject this year. That was just an outright fun thing. I take a lot of selfies, but it’s been decades since I have been on the receiving end of a camera lens. As it turns out, he is also a photographer. I knew that. I don’t know how I even forgot that. The upside is that we are going to go take some photos.

It made me feel a lot better. I feel as though my weight loss is something I want to chronicle with real sincerity. My little iPhone selfies in the gym mirror are fun and all that, but I really did enjoy being the subject of someone who knows how to use a camera.