Flat shoes?

So here is an interesting challenge: I’m at Fall School and there is a plan for us to gonhit the sky train and go canvass commuters on the Fight for Fifteen campaign. Sounds fun, right? Just one problem: I didn’t bring flat shoes.

I live in heels. No really, I’m pretty much never in flat shoes. I own a pair of walking shoes that are flat and my gym shoes are flat, but I didn’t bring them. Instead, I brought three pretty pairs of heels. I love feminine clothing and footwear. I brought five dresses with me. Pants, I can shop for those quickly, but flat shoes? Where will I find flat shoes near the Anvil Centre in New West at 6 o’clock on a weeknight?

Enter my EDMP sister, Crystyna, who came prepared AND is willing to loan me her extra pair of shoes.


I gotta say: these are seriously comfortable. Really, I had no idea flat shoes were so easy to wear. What an actual delight.

More importantly though: thanks to Crystyna, I was able to spend my morning with these fabulous ladies! 20DD2598-6BD4-461C-8593-F2237471A4C5