On the first day of vacation

Yesterday was the first day of my two-day vacation. It was lovely. I got to do anything I wanted and I chose to tackle my home office that has been in disarray. My office is part recording studio, part videography room. It’s great. But it’s also been home to the massively large office photocopier that my husband installed. For over a year, I’ve been asking for it to be moved so I can reclaim that valuable real estate. For over a year, I’ve been told it has to go in my office so the rest of the house can network to it. (The router is in my office.)

Recently I reviewed all the documents I have printed: a single food guide printed in January. Time to move that printer!

I’ll skip the details on how the photocopier came to reside in my husband’s office, but let’s just say I now have a shelf in the same area. Doesn’t it look GREAT? (Techs everywhere will oooo and ahhhh with me. Non-techs will likely think it still looks messy.)

The NEW shelf in my office – already covered with cool stuff!

My office is undeniably the place where I go to get creative. Being able to clear some space so I can record and shoot video is just a dream come true! AND as an added bonus, when I work from home, I wouldn’t keep staring into the corner of my office wondering what has fallen behind the photocopier.

My first day of vacation was a project I loved AND was a great use of vacation time!

My messy desk, which never inspired creativity. It just inspired listlessness. I needed to clear the clutter and move everything neatly onto a shelf! Now it looks great and NOT like this.

PS: Did you notice the bear in the first photo? That’s a little healthcare hero bear I bought for a mere $25 AND I got to choose the colour. I have named her “Scarlet O’Beara: Social Distancing Bear.” She knows that a home-crocheted mask is for decoration only and prefers to follow BC’s model of remaining 2m (6′) apart from other bears. She thanks Dr. Bonnie for keeping British Columbians safe and Scarlet reminds you to keep washing your hands and social distancing as we head into Phase 2.