My office has become a Tiny World

I’ve been working from home for the last ten days. Secretly, I ACTUALLY LOVE IT and would really like to find a way to continue to telecommute – even part time.

But I must admit the office is getting a bit small. Every time I leave my office or open my door, my new coworkers (AKA “my family”) appears. So to be productive without interruption, I keep my door closed.

The net result, is that my office has become a Tiny World. Here’s the photo inspired by me living in this tiny space all day.

My Tiny World Office

Good thing I have a cool office space. This makes it look all chill and relaxed. I suppose it is.

My front yard has also become a Tiny World.

My yard, the outside portion of my entire existence, has also taken on a new look. I’m enjoying playing with my phone and some apps when I’m done work.

I hope you’re also finding ways to be home and enjoy it!