Why I completely suck at SEO

As a hobby, I read articles on how to promote your website, YouTube, and social media.

I say “as a hobby” because if I were any good at it, then I would pay more attention to what they ALL say about using tags so your web presence can be more easily found. But I have a confession to make: I read everything. I study the words carefully. And yet, not once have I ever taken the time to make sure that my search words, title, or optimization was in order. Instead, I write my post or update my page, hit “preview” to make sure it isn’t riddled with spelling mistakes and auto carrot problems, and then I hit “publish.” My job here is done.

Which is why I suck at SEO, or “search engine optimization.”

For me, blogging and vlogging is an outlet, a “creative element” if you will. Some people paint. Some people do needlepoint. Some people take photos. Me? I shoot video and write blog posts. I park them here, and then with my creativity needs met, I head off over the horizon with dreams of changing the world in between Netflix binges filling my brain. It’s a thing of somewhat impractical beauty.

So for all of my readers, and especially all 26 of my subscribers, here is to you: my thanks for your patience and your loyalty despite my complete lack of interest in SEO.

Know what makes this photo unique? It’s against a green background. I could actually use a green screen edit and make it red, and yet, I’m just going to leave this as green like a rebel.