The HEU Regional Meeting

The regional meetings are a ton of fun and I get to go because I am the first alternate Regional Vice President. I love this stuff! This is me with all my new friends. I’m in the front row!


Why are all these people my new friends? That’s actually a true story.

When I get bored, I look for entertainment. If there isn’t any, I make it. Parts of the meeting were boring. I mean really boring. Some people work hard and plan their presentation but forget to make a plan to interject themselves into the presentation. And then I get bored. So this year, I entertained myself by posting on Facebook, “The floor is lava. First one to step in lava buys lunch.” And then I got as many people engaged as I could.

It is a truly fabulously fun thing to watch adults climbing on chairs, sitting on tables, and at one point using a rolling coat rack to avoid stepping on the grey tiles, which were, of course, lava. For the people who didn’t participate, because they are far too mature for such nonsense, even they had a good time watching the rest of us trying to bargain whether or not the taped electrical cords where safe zones.

If I have to be an adult, I am going to do it laughing and lighthearted. And if I have learned anything, it’s that the person with the best ideas is the one who makes a lot of new friends.