The 2020 Oscars

Last night I watched the Oscars.

This isn’t new. I love the Oscars. I love watching today’s stars take the place on stage in the Dolby Theatre where so many people have stood before. Who can forget Meryl Streep calling out President Trump? Or the moment that made history when Charlie Chaplin received a twelve-minute standing ovation? Millions of people flock to Hollywood in hopes of signing a deal that will change their life. Few make it. The Oscars are a show of excellence where we watch our heroes become people who become icons.

I love the Oscars.

Let me back up a moment.

Every year, the men in my world, along with a handful of women, head off into basement rec rooms to eat a steady diet of chicken wings and pistachios to yell at the TV during the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, and the Stanley Cup. They wear war paint and jerseys and very strange headwear. They yell themselves hoarse in a primal bonding ritual that is punctuated with the sound of beer caps hitting the floor. I find it weird. But I appreciate the need to have a hero and a community.

Which brings me back to the Oscars.

Year after year I sit in my living room glued to the Oscars. Sometimes I dress up. Sometimes I don’t. But I always watch the Oscars. I don’t yell myself hoarse. I don’t inhale chicken wings and beer. But I watch. Sometimes I shed a few tears for the moments that are raw and intimate and televised. Sometimes I laugh because I – the committed movie goer – get the in jokes they make.

Dressed up to watch the 2019 Oscars

This year, I was faced with a strange question: why am I not hosting an Oscar party? My social media feeds are covered with people who are doing the same thing I am. We are glued to the TV, nodding silently, yes, that movie should have won, wow, can you believe that actress didn’t win? Some of my friends are also in ball gowns and and bling because I roll in these quirky circles where these things matter.

Off I went to Amazon. Is there such a thing as Oscar party props? I was not disappointed. YES. YES. There are.

So off I went to Facebook and set up the invitation for the 2021 Oscar Academy Awards. Next year my living room will have my friends in their formal attire, each holding a ballot, hoping to win an award (yes, Amazon sells mini Oscar statues!) for best dressed, most entertaining, and funniest guest. It turns out you can even buy a red carpet and a red carpet backdrop. Oh yeah. I’m SO totally having an Oscar party.

I’m actually a little surprised it has never occurred to me before now to host one. I mean, if sports parties are a thing, why am I only just realizing now that I could fill my living room with like-minded people who need a champagne glass and a tissue to celebrate the awards?

In 2021, I am hosting an Oscar party. And I am SO excited.