Learning how to YouTube

Last week I recorded a video, dumped it onto my MacBook, and started editing it in iMovie. All was going well until two things happened.

  1. The edited video was bad. Like, not horribly bad, just not particularly good. It probably needed to be reshot with a script edit or two. But I muscled through with editing and after, I kid you NOT, two days of editing I had a choice to make: upload the imperfect video or scrap it. I decided to upload it. But after multiple attempts to upload it, I kept getting error messages. No matter what I did, I got a different error message each time. Saving it produced the same result: no save. Just an error. What to do what to do.
  2. It was clear the error messages weren’t giving me what I needed. I went online to find out what could be the problem. It turned out to be a disk space error. While the front end of iMovie only showed three projects, the back end had every single project and video I had ever created since I bought the MacBook. I followed the instructions to clean up the back and – in my zeal – deleted some of the files belonging to the movie. So now I had an imperfect video that I would need re-edit, but only if I could figure out how to put the missing files back. In the end, the entire video, and a week of editing, went into the trash heap.

So here I am – a week later – with no “weekly” video created, shot, edited, or uploaded. Obviously this is a good time to rearrange the office, which was part of what created my video problem in the first place.


I wish I had some chocolate. Oh well. BACK to the office I go.