Who needs a work life balance

I feel as though my hope to achieve a work-life balance is just another task on my endless to-do list. The more I mean to prioritize it, the more it stresses me out not to have achieved it by now. It seems that every guru talks about it as the most important achievement we can have.

Is it wrong that I love the chaos of being on a dozen committees and a half dozen executives? My role models were amazing active people who got a lot accomplished. When I slide into my bed in the home, I want to look back on a life of All the Cool Stuff I Did. No regrets. Just me sliding into the home plate of life, hair frizzy, lipstick smeared, and a rolling bag of books I totally meant to read when I got a chance.

I think I’m just going to give in to my life’s need to simply throw stuff into my calendar and then just feign sleep in the empty spaces. When every single moment is just AMAZING, work-life balance is just not possible.