YouTube Rules for Women

As a part of my education on how to create YouTube videos, I have been watching a TON of YouTube videos. (Good call, right?) An interesting thing I have noticed is that the gender divide is alive and well especially on YouTube.
Men can wear pretty much anything they want, including ball caps, ratty t-shirts, and stubble of the serious variety. Women must be groomed and full make up is almost a survival requirement. Yes, there are a few exceptions, but they are just that: exceptions.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on

It’s very interesting looking at the social media industry and seeing that even in the comfort of our own homes, once that camera turns on, the women must bring the full package and the men can bring whatever sections they want.

So what’s my lesson here? Millions of people are uploading video on YouTube every minute. To be competitive, you need to have a niche and be good enough to attract attention. Fighting the gender divide is what personal blogs are for, but to be seen on YouTube, women have to play by some archaic rules.

I would love to say that I know how to fix it. I don’t. I am looking to see how I can carve out my own little space on YouTube. And being a 40-something woman means my demographic is so poorly represented, I don’t even have mentors to turn to. I am willing to be a trailblazer. And thus I am… but in full makeup. We just aren’t ready as a society to make space or progress for women in hoodies.