My morning began with tripping over my crutches

I’m up at 5am, a half hour earlier than I had been getting up, entirely because it made sense for me to add some time to my morning gym routine.

Except I’m not going to the gym, a fact underlined by the fact that when my alarm went off, I jumped to my feet, yelped in pain because 5am me didn’t remember the injury, and as I stumbled forward to grab the dresser, I tripped over my own crutches.

So yeah. Not the best start to my day. And now I’m sitting here unclear as to why I’m up at 5am when I’m clearly not going to the gym.

Habits without purpose are not good habits. There is a lot I could do this morning that could justify why I’m up so early. And yet I’m sitting here with my coffee listening to the rain feeling more like a zombie and less like an alert, productive member of society.

Should be an interesting day today.