Up at 5am so now what?

If you read my Instagram stories yesterday, you saw this photo:

And then this photo a few hours later.

This morning I was faced with a choice. Do I sleep in since I’m clearly not going to the gym any time soon? Or do I wake up at 5am, as I promised myself, and find something else to do?

Obviously I got up because here’s the post. But before anyone congratulates me on getting up, I mostly got up because I’m not sure how to shower on one unsteady leg. It seemed best to give myself some breathing space before asking my husband to drive me to work. (Thank you to the nice staff in the parkade who let me leave my car there.)

I want to remain productive and frankly, given how exhausting it is to walk with crutches, I feel pretty comfortable saying it’s arm day until further notice. So, video editing it is. I shot some A roll last week. I just haven’t edited it because I feel like it’s a bit static. Obviously I need some B roll to break it up. However, since “5am non-ambulatory me” isn’t quite camera-ready, I decided to see what I can accomplish with my limited A roll stuff.

[Pause while I go get my camera]

*Edit: Nope. I brought my camera to work yesterday. That means the SD card is in my camera locked up at work. Looks like I’m going to go hop in front of my iPhone and see if I can shoot some new A roll video for a different video. [insert swear word] Yeah. Literally hop. Because, you know. Crutches.

I’m so annoyed by this gym set back. I have health goals. They require eating a junk food-free diet and a regular fitness routine. Right now what I have is a regular rest-ice-compression-elevate routine, which I swore was only for bleeding injuries. Apparently it’s also for sprains. Or only for strains. (Hm. Maybe I should have checked with what Dr. Google has to say.) And now crutches which means everything is slower and frankly tiring. Gah.

Well. Off to go shoot some new A roll video. When life gives you an injury, you pivot. But slowly so you don’t fall over.

(My shoulders are going to be so ripped. Every day is chest day until I’m off crutches.)