Day 4 of the gym

Last week I mused on Twitter that I should go to the gym in the mornings since I’m up two hours before work anyway. Today is day 4 of that good idea. I am so tired. I had NO idea what kind of commitment it meant to get up and go to the gym before work.

If you are a girl with long hair, then you probably already know why this is a huge morning commitment. In addition to the gym, which is, well, THE GYM, there is also the gym shower, which, because of working out, requires my waist length hair to be washed. Then dried. Then styled. See also: I spend thirty minutes in the gym and an hour in the locker room. At home, I only wash my hair every second or even third day. Long hair doesn’t need daily washing. Some would argue it doesn’t even need daily brushing. All I know is that despite the short workout I’m doing, my hair is a sweaty, frizzy mess when I’m done the workout.

This week has been a lot of growing pains. Can I really get up at 5:30 and still make it to my desk at 7:30? Do I need to get up at 5:15? Or 4:30, as happened yesterday thanks to the cat. On my first day, I ended up sprinting across campus in sweaty workout gear before landing at my desk exactly on time. But then I was in a damp bra for the entire day, not to mention the bubble of personal space that I required since I hadn’t showered.

Here is what is working: my muscles. They are clearly benefitting from this new routine. I didn’t think thirty minutes would mean much, but it does. And wow. Do I hurt for it. Everything hurts. I guess I needed it.

What I have learned about me over this lifetime is that I am goal-oriented. I need an extrinsic why for being at the gym. My why is a hard look at October, when I visit Montreal and will need to be in a minimum of good shape so I can get up and down those endless m├ętro stairs with the equally endless broken escalators. But my really hard line is next year’s pageants. As I said in another post, we clocked 24,000 steps in a day. And we did that three days in a row. If I want to do another pageant, I need to make sure my fitness level is up to it. That’s my goal: to be in shape enough to do the 2020 Miss BC Pageant.

So I’m up and at ’em again for day four. After my coffee, it’s off to the gym.