My little cheerleader

A9FDC0A8-83B7-4DD6-9175-2A5545E26A00A few months ago, my little girl (are they still little girls when they are 21?) set a goal to become a competitive cheerleader. She found a team, then when it was time to improve her skills, she found a gymnastics coach. This is no small feat. She hasn’t done gymnastics since she was a small child and she never cheered. But she set a goal and stuck to it.

It has paid off! She loves being a cheerleader! Today she hit a new high! Normally she is base – one of the girls who lifts the fliers, who are best known for their amazing ability to be thrown into the air. Off we went to Richmond for the cheerleading tournament. My little girl was all about that base, ‘bout that base. And today she was a flier!

At the very last moment, and I mean minutes before they went on to compete, one of the fliers got sick. With less than two minutes before they competed, Brigitte was pulled from base to be a flier. She got to practice her new role exactly once and then they ran on stage!

My girl is amazing. I am so proud of her. She does everything she sets her mind to do. UNSTOPPABLE.