My Eye-Opening Visit to the CUPE Alberta Convention

Read about my eye-opening experience at the CUPE Alberta Convention, where I learned about the dire situation facing workers in the province. Discover the important topics discussed, including workers’ rights, political campaigns, and the need for childcare initiatives. Join me in advocating for these important causes and standing in solidarity with our fellow workers in Alberta.

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Join the Fight for Better Working and Caring Conditions in Seniors’ Care: The Care Can’t Wait Campaign

Join the Care Can’t Wait campaign and fight for better working and caring conditions in seniors’ care across British Columbia. Our goal is to establish common standards for wages and benefits, limit for-profit operators, strengthen transparency and accountability requirements, end subcontracting, and level up wages until common standards are established. Learn more about our crucial initiatives today!

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Building Trust and Effectiveness: The Importance of Accountability and Transparency in Union Leadership

Unions have a crucial role in protecting workers’ rights and ensuring they receive fair treatment. However, for unions to effectively carry out this responsibility, they need strong and effective leadership. One crucial aspect of effective union leadership is accountability and transparency. In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of accountability and transparency in union leadership. We will examine how they build trust and confidence in leadership, improve decision-making, prevent conflicts of interest, and promote democratic participation among union members. Ultimately, we will see how accountability and transparency are essential to maintaining a strong and effective union that serves the needs of its members.

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