Last night I sat with my daughter in front of my computer. She has prepared a schedule for me of all the college courses I need, along with their pre-requisites. It was an interesting switch. My child has become my teacher.

COVID has created an opportunity for me. As schools hustle to get their classes online, suddenly my ability to return to school has opened up. For years I have wanted to go back and pick through the classes that interest me. But every time I look at timetables, the plan dries up. I can’t attend class and work at the same time. Then suddenly, it seems I can. It’s like education just became a buffet. I turned to my daughter for her expert advice. In return, she mapped out my entire future path to an Associate’s Degree.

I put this sign over my desk yesterday. It was to remind me of my role as an elected executive. This morning I realize it should really be my 2020 motto.

Letter board sayings are totally my jam

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