Having a vacation means doing what I want – and more of what I wanted to do was to finally deal with the half-complete sound booth in my office closet. I have been sticking (and re-sticking) sound soundproof foam to my office closet for the last year. It’s been a haphazard act of interest, mostly because I had a computer in there that took up pretty much all available space and left little room for much else.

Two weeks ago I gave away the computer to someone who had been trying to do his COVID declarations online using his phone. So with my closet empty, I got to work sticking soundproof foam to the closet walls. That was great until I ran out. So now I’m waiting for the supplier to get more in, but in the meantime, I have moved my laptop into the closet with the audio interface, the shocking number of microphones, and an assortment of tables and stools. It’s not pretty yet, but it is FINALLY a working sound booth.

Time to start recording my podcasts again!

My south booth in progress!

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