The biggest challenge about working from home has GOT to be the lack of exercise. In a normal job there is, at minimum, the walk from the car to your desk. But when you work from home, the longest walk is from your bedroom to your desk. (Unless you bring your laptop into your bed. I’m not judging.) When you work from home, getting any movement at all requires an act of intention.

Enter, the world’s most beautiful bike:

The world’s most beautiful bike.

I love this bike. It is an uncharacteristic green, which means it matches with nothing and clashes with everything in my red-dominant colour palette. I saw it on Faceboook Marketplace for $300 and knew I had to have it. I added the basket from an eBay seller and the floral panniers on the back from a local bike shop. I even have a green water bottle from when I was a strong Arbonne seller. What are the odds.

I just like looking at it. I think I actually ride it just so I can photograph it in different locations.

I love love love visually appealing objects. It just pleases me on some inner depth. When I own something of beauty, I want to be near it, as if its presence could somehow make me more beautiful. The net result is that I loved working from home and I carefully managed to get some activity in my life.

2 thoughts on “Have bike. Will ride.

  1. Really nice entry. I’m trying to get in as many miles as possible – though I miss actually having somewhere to go… There are a lot less cars but the ones that are there are going too fast.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much! It’s definitely a challenge to ride somewhere when your destinations don’t look the same. And possibly don’t exist. But keep on pedalling. It’s a chance to sight see the back roads.


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