Last Fall, I had a cord of wood dumped in my backyard. As always, it needed to be split and stacked. But last Fall, I had an unexpected offer of help… which I declined.

I am terrible at accepting help. For whatever reason, I rarely ask or accept help, particularly around areas like manual labour. In this case, my friend also had a back injury (he moved a mattress down some stairs and instead the mattress moved him) so I was concerned that splitting and stacking wood would injure him more. Besides, I’m a feminist which makes me, by nature, allergic to acts of chivalry.

It also, apparently makes me stupid. Today was cold. The Island had a visit from Winter that meant I kept a fire going all day. Had I accepted his offer of help, I wouldn’t have been outside in the cold splitting wood with an axe like some urban pioneer.

And I could have ogled him. I’m not so much of a feminist that I can’t ogle a shirtless man splitting a cord of wood. Damn. I’m making a mental note to do better.

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