This morning I got up extra early to take a friend to the hospital for a procedure. It is great working for the hospital. I used my parking pass to bring him, then booked a swing office so I could work until it was time to pick him up and bring him home.

It’s never too early for pearls and lipstick.

With him safely checked in, my first stop was the grocery store that was just putting out their fresh bread. I love fresh bread. Every diet now in existence warns us not to eat bread, but I make absolutely no effort to live by those guidelines. Soft white bread. Crispy cinnamon bread. Yeasty molasses bread. Bitter rye bread. I want it all. My perfect diet is bread, cheese, a little fruit, a lot of vegetables and some hot coffee.

The bakery section did not fail me this morning. Loaves and loaves of bread fresh from the oven were steaming up the showcases. I was in bread heaven. I wanted it all. I wanted to nibble the corners of the warm bread, but it was here that I stopped.

This was my first beautiful view of the morning. I couldn’t  help myself. When I paused here, there were two loaves of cinnamon bread (top right) but by the time I got out my camera, one of them had sneaked into a brown paper bag and was now reposing on the yams, melon and pea shoots already in my basket.

What a wonderful start to my day!

Soft, buttery sweetened breads

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