I Love Pride. It’s not just a showcase of proud people, it’s that it is a flamboyant flag-waving jamboree of who is out and singing it on a colourful float.

I go every year and walk with my friends. This year I also tasked with handfuls of flags and ran around passing them to parade watchers. You know what is awesome about that? Seeing people I know, seeing people I don’t know, passing them a flag and seeing their faces light up. I got hugs from strangers when I gave them a flag.

I’m so saddened by the memory of Orlando and when I look around at the people I am walking with, I can’t believe there are people who see their sexual orientation first. These friends of mine are quirky and funny and loving as heck. Standing with them is an honour and I love it.4BB831C2-E03B-44E1-B83F-3A6C382B592C

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