Charlotte Millington – 2nd Vice-President for HEU

Sometimes its easy to forget how many different people are involved in running a union. When you think of unions, you might just think of management and workers and a collective agreement. Or maybe you just see the elected governance body (like our Provincial Executive) and think we are involved in the whole show. But there’s complete team involved in working out every detail inside and outside to create a magnificent network of social justice and worker activism. This team might be huge, but we share many similar goals: fair contracts, wages and benefits for members, and working families. My blog stories cover a tiny drop of the work from my healthcare corner of the Canadian labour movement.

Welcome to my website, the place where you can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about me, Charlotte Millington, current 2nd Vice-President for the Hospital Employees’ Union. This blog is my personal take on the issues we face together. If you want to connect or learn more about who I am, be sure to click the links to my social media. My primary goal since my first successful election as a labour leader is to be accessible. A grassroots labour movement cannot truly be grassroots unless the leaders can connect to the people they elect. So if you need me, I’m only one click away.

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